Johor Halal Products Showcase – Expo & Exhibition 2007

Johor Halal Products Showcase – Expo & Exhibition 2007 is one of a kind event that gathers and promotes Halal Products and Services. Managed and organized by Kita Teguh Resources (KTR) would be an added value towards the success of such event. why?

We believe a company is only great as the people under its roof. We are proud to employ and engaged strategic partner, that are dedicated, committed and accessible. Our talented professionals are what make KTR a young and dynamic event management company. We pride ourselves in being able to create a unique event by leveraging off our business partnership, guarantying you exceptional services in all facets of event.

At KTR, we will work in partnership with you to meet your exact requirements & objectives. Creating events to astound and thrill.

With our expertise and knowledge in a variety of events, we can create any idea or turn any imagination into an award-wining occasion.

The highlight of many events is the social programme running alongside a particular event. KTR will make suggestions on appropriate events and arrange the complete logistics and planning of any agreed social program.

We will work together as well endeavoring to employ the services of the local community whenever possible in any of our event.


To look in large, click on the Event Itinarary
For more details, go to


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